Phil Murphy and Howard Dean demonstrate deep ties at Newark fundraiser

While few New Jerseyans had heard of Phil Murphy when he announced his run for governor of New Jersey last May, the former Goldman Sachs executive who served as U.S. Ambassador to Germany under President Barack Obama was well-known in national Democratic circles. Read more

More than $50,000 raised for Democrat Phil Murphy at Newark fundraiser

A group of Newark political, business and union leaders calling themselves the "Dream Team" raised more than $50,000 for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Murphy. Read more

Democrat Murphy picks up major union endorsement

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy picked up another major union endorsement from the Communications Workers of America. Read more

Phil Murphy has a natural comfort level in Newark's ethnically and racially diverse communities

Phil Murphy is the kind of guy who would easily fit in at the Navesink Country Club, dispensing advice about the stock market to other one-percenters who might be in his golf foursome. Read more

Murphy locks up Democratic gubernatorial bid with charm and hard work

During the weeks when he reaped the whirlwind of a political domino effect that left him as the odds-on favorite in New Jersey’s 2017 Democratic gubernatorial primary race, Phil Murphy followed the advice given to his fellow Boston Irish-American, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, around the time of his inauguration in 1961. Read more

Fulop Gubernatorial Withdrawal Shakes Up Newark Politics

The bombshell announcement Wednesday that Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop withdrew from gubernatorial contention and endorsed his onetime rival Phil Murphy has sent a shockwave through New Jersey that has reverberations in Newark. Read more

Phil Murphy Seeks to Win the Hearts (and Votes) of Newarkers

Phil Murphy, campaigning in Newark for the third time in less than two weeks, again applied shoe leather to the streets of New Jersey's largest city as the sole declared candidate continued to set the pace in the 2017 Democratic gubernatorial primary race. Read more

Murphy, back in Newark, boosts business platform on 2017 Democratic gubernatorial primary campaign trail

In a speech focused on economics, 2017 Democratic gubernatorial primary candidate Phil Murphy hearkened back to Newark's vaunted industrial past to try to light the way to a better business future for New Jersey. Read more

Murphy walks Newark's streets as 2017 Democratic gubernatorial primary race heats up

Phil Murphy stepped inside Dan's Hats and Caps on Branford Place in downtown Newark on Thursday afternoon to do two things.  Read more

Black minister calls on Democrats to refrain from slinging mud during gubernatorial campaign

The influential pastor of the largest AME church in New Jersey called on candidates running for governor – those announced and those still considering – to refrain from personal attacks during the campaign. Read more

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