Opinion: There is a Bright Future for the Media, At Least in New Jersey

This past week, David Chen of The New York Times wrote about the dwindling number of media watchdogs in the State of New Jersey.  While many in the media bemoan the state of the industry, there are numerous successful stories of new media companies that are making a difference, doing real journalism, and making money.  These publications should receive far more attention than they currently do. Read more

LTE: Natural Resource Damages Program is Crucial to NJ

Dear Editor: New Jersey’s Natural Resource Damages (NRD) program is an incredibly important and necessary program rising from the state’s history of incremental spills and discharges, as well as historic industrialization. Read more

Opinion: Newark needs to become a smart city to compete

Plenty has been said lately about the creation of "Smart Cities." It's a global phenomenon. Virtually every developed country around the world is taking the steps necessary to use the Internet to connect millions of devices and create a high-tech infrastructure that enhances life and grows economic potential to unthinkable levels. Read more

Opinion: Allow New Jersey Residents to Register to Vote on Election Day

New Jersey's voter registration deadline is October 18. Millions will go to the polls on November 8th, but roughly 250,000 New Jerseyans will have no choice but to sit out the election, all because of the state’s outdated and unnecessary advance voter registration requirement. Read more

Opinion: Recent police shootings are ultimate reality check

Being black in America weighs down the soul and crushes the spirit. It is like luggage that gets infinitely heavier as you trek through the airport terminal and you can’t imagine what you packed that could weigh so much. Read more

Op-Ed: Safe Sleep for Babies Requires Effort from All

For more than a decade, my organization, Keeping Babies Safe (KBS), has sounded the steady drumbeat of safe sleep awareness, which in turn has created bans on dangerous products and has helped enact laws that work to ensure babies are sleeping safely. Read more

Opinion: Prioritizing our City, Educating Our Children

I love Newark. I love Newark’s public schools. My loyalties run very deep for our great city and for our public education system. Read more

Opinion: New CPSC findings show need to protect sleeping babies

It is of little surprise that the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has discovered that the greatest number of injuries and deaths among babies and toddlers occur when we put them to bed.    Read more

Opinion: Learning lessons from winter storm Jonas

Newark is struggling to recover from nearly 30 inches of snow dropped by Jonas. With several days having passed since the storm, residents are still reporting that their streets have not been plowed. Read more

Opinion: I am living proof that education reform has not failed in Newark

Over the next couple months, parents across Newark will choose the school that best fits the needs of their child. And because of their parents’ choices, they will have amazing opportunities; they just have to take advantage of them. Read more

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