Editor Says NJ Governor Continues to Focus his Message Elsewhere editor Mark J. Bonamo appeared on a public affairs television program focused on New Jersey to discuss how Gov. Chris Christie's recent State of the State address targeted a national audience as he seeks the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Bonamo, who appeared on New Jersey Now on My9/WWOR TV on January 17, sat with host James McQueeny along with NJ Spotlight's John Reitmeyer, Democratic strategist Andre Richardson and Republican strategist Guy Gregg to examine Christie's annual address. The speech, delivered before the state Legislature in Trenton, was designed to reach far beyond New Jersey as Christie continues to the spend the majority of his time beyond the boundaries of the state on the national GOP primary trial.  

MarkStory.JPG editor Mark J. Bonamo says Governor Christie's presidential ambitions have brought his rhetoric back home to Newark.

All of the panelists examined how Christie framed his words about local concerns within the bigger picture of the national stage. Bonamo, pointing out that the Garden State governor honored a teacher who works at the well-regarded Northstar charter school in Newark, noted how Christie's attempt to score points in the national education debate that could resonate with Republican primary voters in New Hampshire and Iowa. But it might be heard very differently in Newark.

"Governor Christie often prides himself on saying that he was born in Newark," Bonamo said. "But by speaking about charter schools, that in many ways touches a nerve for many people in Newark, where the education debate is still raging."

Bonamo and the rest of the panel will appear again on New Jersey Now on January 24, where the discussion will center on the gun control debate, including President Barack Obama's recent executive action.

The video link to the January 17 show can be seen here.


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