Newark Councilwoman Launches Her Own Consulting Business

Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins today announced that she has created her own consulting firm to help clients around New Jersey navigate and understand public policy issues.

Gayle Global LLC, a minority and woman business enterprise, will focus on helping urban communities with challenges they face in healthcare, education, housing and transportation.


Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins, a councilwoman in the Central Ward, has launched her own minority women business enterprise.

“I am looking forward to drawing upon my nearly two decades in government to help urban communities thrive,” said Chaneyfield Jenkins. “We cannot forge a path forward for New Jersey and leave our cities behind.”

Chaneyfield Jenkins is a councilwoman in the Central Ward who was elected to her current position in 2014, representing the largest and most economically diverse ward in the city. She was previously elected three times to citywide office as councilwoman at large.

Chaneyfield Jenkins has more than 20 years of experience in public policy, economic and community development, infrastructure investment and marketing and retail expertise to her home city of Newark, with a focus on improving the quality of life for all residents and community supportive stakeholders.

During her tenure as councilwoman at large from 1995-2006, Chaneyfield Jenkins focused her legislative efforts on three key issues: economic development, health and safety disparities and education.

She authored legislative initiatives, including the Newark Environmental Opportunity Zone; direct and revolving loan programs for businesses, vendor/pan holding ordinances; guidelines for tobacco and alcohol advertisements; and the Newark Downtown Special improvement District. She also played a pivotal role in the facilitation of major development projects, including NJPAC, and the Newark Prudential Center.

Since her re-election in 2014, the councilwoman has been leading the charge to save Saint Michael’s Medical Center, a major healthcare facility in the Central Ward that employs more than 1,400 people, many of them residents of Newark. As a result of the Councilwoman’s leadership, the community has rallied to support the sale of Saint Michael’s Medical Center to Prime Healthcare Services, which has pledged to maintain all 1,400 jobs, continue to provide the same level of charity care and invest $50 million in private capital to upgrade and modernize the hospital’s facilities.

In addition, the councilwoman has provided leadership and voice to the discussion concerning non-profit hospitals with functioning for-profit centers, paying their fair share to cities like Newark. The councilwoman successfully lobbied the governor to veto a hastily drafted bill passed during the lame duck state legislature, a bill that Chaneyfield Jenkins contended would have shortchanged Newark taxpayers, providing another victory for Newark citizens.

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