5 Questions for the Executive Director of PC2E

A new organization was formed about six months ago to provide public school parents with a voice in education.  While Parents Coalition for Excellent Education, or PC2E, has a statewide focus, its roots are in Newark. Read more

Opinion: Prioritizing our City, Educating Our Children

I love Newark. I love Newark’s public schools. My loyalties run very deep for our great city and for our public education system. Read more

Newark Councilwoman Launches Her Own Consulting Business

Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins today announced that she has created her own consulting firm to help clients around New Jersey navigate and understand public policy issues. Read more

Newark Lawmaker Calls for Supermarkets to Sell Wine and Beer; Assembly Bill Would Finally Update 1962 Liquor Law

A coalition of supermarket owners and shoppers are lauding a bill introduced in the state Legislature calling for desperately-needed reforms to the state’s outdated liquor laws, preventing the large majority of supermarkets from selling wine and beer.  Read more

Experts Invited to Newark City Council Meeting to Discuss Tax-Exempt Status of Non Profit Hospitals

Central Ward Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins announced today that she has requested two experts to appear before the Newark City Council on Feb. 23 at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the tax-exempt status of non-profit hospitals in New Jersey. Read more

Saint Michael’s Medical Center Raises $6,000 for American Heart Association

Saint Michael’s Medical Center employees and medical staff raised $6,000 for the American Heart Association during National Wear Red Day on Feb. 5. Read more

Five New Jersey schools awarded Verizon innovative learning grants to enhance STEM education

Five New Jersey schools are recent recipients of highly competitive Verizon Innovative Learning Grants designed to accelerate innovative learning opportunities in under-resourced schools. Read more

Ruiz introduces legislation to expand preschools in New Jersey

Since 1999, Newark along with New Jersey's former Abbott districts, have provided free preschool for three and four year olds. Read more

Opinion: New CPSC findings show need to protect sleeping babies

It is of little surprise that the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has discovered that the greatest number of injuries and deaths among babies and toddlers occur when we put them to bed.    Read more

Opinion: Learning lessons from winter storm Jonas

Newark is struggling to recover from nearly 30 inches of snow dropped by Jonas. With several days having passed since the storm, residents are still reporting that their streets have not been plowed. Read more

NewarkInc.com Editor Says NJ Governor Continues to Focus his Message Elsewhere

NewarkInc.com editor Mark J. Bonamo appeared on a public affairs television program focused on New Jersey to discuss how Gov. Chris Christie's recent State of the State address targeted a national audience as he seeks the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Read more

Pro-charter school groups urge Mayor Baraka to work with them

A group of charter school and education reform advocates on Thursday fired off a letter to Newark Mayor Ras Baraka requesting that he work with them to restore education funding to Newark to where it should be under the School Funding Reform Act of 2008. Read more

Speaker series at Newark Public Library features city's "living history"

A prominent local historian and author launched a speaker series at the main branch of the Newark Public Library on January 19 designed to create a narrative that weds the city's past with Newark now.  Read more

Opinion: I am living proof that education reform has not failed in Newark

Over the next couple months, parents across Newark will choose the school that best fits the needs of their child. And because of their parents’ choices, they will have amazing opportunities; they just have to take advantage of them. Read more

Former Newark Pabst Brewery site targeted for redevelopment

The Newark site of a defunct brewery that included a 60-foot-tall bottle-shaped water tank that was a city roadside icon for decades could soon flow again with activity. Read more

Governor Christie Calls Newark Teacher "Inspiring" in State of the State Address

Allison Cuttler, an AP Computer Science teacher at Uncommon Schools’ North Star Academy College Preparatory High School in Newark, attended the State of the State address Tuesday as a special guest of Gov. Chris Christie. Read more

Opinion: Hospital Lobby Shafting Newark Taxpayers

Newark is once again getting the shaft. This time it comes in the form of state legislation that was so well lubricated it's sliding through the lame-duck Legislature like a greased pig at the Cowtown rodeo.  Read more

Newark Councilwoman Opposes Senate Bill Requiring Hospitals to Pay Community Service Contributions

Newark Central Ward Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins today said she opposed a Senate bill that would require hospitals to pay a “community service contribution” on that grounds that it would shortchange Newark. Read more

Attorney Points Way to Green Redevelopment in Newark

Jeff Fucci developed his green thumb in the back yard of his southern Bergen County home, where he grew tomatoes and basil with a view of the cities of Newark, Passaic and Paterson in the distance. As an attorney, Fucci now hopes to take an up-close role in putting a green thumbprint on the redevelopment of New Jersey's cities. Read more

Baraka on Newark public safety reorganization: "We need this pain"

Citing a need to consolidate resources, cut government costs and streamline city bureaucracy, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka pushed forward his proposal to create a new public safety department that would eradicate Newark's police director and fire director positions. Read more

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