Archive: April 25, 2021

Traders Take Esources Scam Rumours With a Pinch of Salt

Esources scam rumours are not uncommon because frustrated competitors do not have the stomach for a straight fight. They are fully aware that they don’t stand a chance of beating them on a level playing field and that’s why they are resorting to these dubious methods of maligning them. Despite all this, esources has emerged as the most popular and trusted online trade directory in the UK and attracts thousands of subscriptions from trade buyers and suppliers every month.Those who are trying desperately to label esources as one of the online scams forget the fact that the portal is the largest online trade directory with more than 395,000 UK wholesalers and more than 368,000 international wholesalers on their list. There are also 171,000 plus verified dropshippers and 244,000 plus premium quality wholesale products. You can find information about auction houses, UK exhibitions and trade fairs and everything you wanted to know about the latest clearance sales happening in the UK.Sources Genuine Suppliers and Quality Products Faster Than Ever BeforeThe portal is popular among trade buyers and suppliers because it helps source wholesale merchandize from UK suppliers faster and more conveniently than ever before. The portal is also popular because trade buyers know it is easy to find genuine and reliable suppliers here. Every single listing is cleared only after the supplier is put through a verification process and subjected to many checks to make sure they are an authorized and licensed businesses. That’s why scams do not happen on esources.Wholesale suppliers too prefer using esources over other trade directory services because of the numerous advantages they get to enjoy from an esources subscription. They can list unlimited wholesale products, post sell leads, access buy leads and create a greater exposure for their business by submitting up to five business profiles. The contact details and phone and fax numbers are displayed live so that retailers can contact them directly for quotes and to place orders.There is another huge advantage that trade suppliers can enjoy by using the premium supplier membership. They can get the much sought after TradePass authentication which gives their business a stamp of legitimacy and makes them more trustworthy to retailers looking for reliable suppliers.If you are a UK based supplier, you can buy the premium supplier membership for just 12.50 for a month’s service and get noticed by over 500,000 qualified buyers every month. You can expect to get top positions in the suppliers’ directory and search and vastly enhance sales and profitability. The subscription also allows you to track clicks and link back to your website.